Exploring the future of CSIRO’s Ginninderra Experiment Station

Ginninderra Experiment Station is a 701-hectare area of land CSIRO owns in north Canberra.

Since identifying that the property was underutilised for agricultural research in 2011, CSIRO has been exploring the options for future use of the property. CSIRO manages more than 50 properties across Australia and regularly reviews these holdings to see whether properties are being effectively used for our research purposes and to identify properties that can be better utilised or divested.

In 2015, CSIRO commenced broad community consultation and sought an Amendment to the National Capital Plan to facilitate new opportunities for sustainable urban development on the property and the relevant science that CSIRO could contribute.

During the 60 years in which CSIRO has managed Ginninderra, the city of Canberra has grown significantly and the property is now surrounded by residential development that has occurred in the suburbs of Fraser, Spence, Evatt, McKellar, Giralang, Crace, Hall and Nicholls.

In 2016, the site was reclassified as ‘Urban’ on the General Policy Plan for Metropolitan Canberra through an Amendment to the National Capital Plan.

The rezoning paved the way for CSIRO to approach the market with a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify interest in a sustainable urban development informed by science and innovation. CSIRO is continuing to seek a suitable collaboration able to deliver that vision.

CSIRO is continuing to engage with the community and a wide range of stakeholders to provide progress updates and opportunities to inform the project.



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Located in northern ACT, the Ginninderra site is bordered by the suburbs of Fraser, Spence, Evatt, McKellar, Giralang, Crace, Hall and Nicholls.