Exploring the future of
CSIRO’s Ginninderra Field Station

Ginninderra Field Station is a 701 hectare area of land CSIRO owns in north Canberra.

CSIRO is exploring future possibilities for the site, one of 53 sites it occupies across Australia.

The city of Canberra has grown up around this site with residential suburbs of Fraser, Spence, Evatt, McKellar, Giralang, Crace, Hall and Nicholls developing on either side.

Due to this rapid urban growth, the site has become underutilised and requires relocation to a more rural setting.

As part of its focus on exploring the future possibilities for this site, CSIRO requested the National Capital Authority (NCA) to include the site as ‘Urban Area’ on the General Policy Plan for Metropolitan Canberra in the National Capital Plan draft Amendment 86.

The Amendment was approved by Minister for Major Projects, Territories and Local Government, Paul Fletcher on Thursday 5 May 2016.

The decision relating to the CSIRO land at Ginninderra allows us to confidently look to identify a suitable development partner to progress with the next steps in the planning which will involve ongoing significant community and stakeholder consultation.

We want your help in shaping the future of this project. Leave us a message online and look for details of upcoming consultation events near you.



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Proposed future activities



Located in northern ACT, the Ginninderra site is bordered by the suburbs of Fraser, Spence, Evatt, McKellar, Giralang, Crace, Hall and Nicholls.