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Glowing orange and red wire in a warehouse. 30 Mar 2022

A Cold Spray ZAP™ for rust-resistant steel

The reality of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, coated steel products that can withstand harsh Australian conditions, is a step closer thanks to a collaboration drawing upon CSIRO science.

Whether it’s on the farm, in the city, or across a range of sectors, making fences and steel products that can stand the test of time, and the Australian environment, is a challenge.

Rising to this challenge, the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), Australian steel manufacturer, InfraBuild, and the national science agency CSIRO, have joined forces in a project to develop such corrosion-resistant steel products.

The project, made possible with $100,000 funding through IMCRC’s activate program, will modernise InfraBuild’s finishing process by introducing CSIRO’s solid state, low-cost additive Cold Spray ZAP™ technology.

CSIRO’s cold spray technology applies a high-strength, recycled corrosion-resistant coating to steel to protect it from damage and corrosion, particularly in soil.

“By integrating CSIRO’s Cold Spray ZAP™ technology in our manufacturing process, we will be able to manufacture longer-lasting, damage-resistant, coated steel products that have the ability to withstand aggressive environments, according to Bradley Taylor, Director of Technical at InfraBuild Wire.  “That will save our customers money over the full life of each product.”

CSIRO Research Director, Advanced Materials and Processing, Dr Kathie McGregor, says,  “CSIRO aims to accelerate sustainable manufacturing that is globally competitive, and achieved through collaboration with Australian industry.”

“This project will help us develop our Cold Spray ZAP™ technology into a leading-edge, commercially viable and scalable solution to manufacture corrosion-resistant steel products in Australia,” she said.

By employing the use of robotic coating application technology, InfraBuild and CSIRO will develop a fully automated digital manufacturing production line, improving productivity and increasing cost competitiveness.

Dr Matthew Young, IMCRC’s Manufacturing Innovation Manager, said IMCRC was delighted to be co-funding the innovative project.

“IMCRC is pleased to be contributing to the development of a scalable steel product that has wide ranging applications and the potential to benefit many sectors in Australia and beyond,” Dr Young said.

You can read more about this collaboration on the IMCRC website: IMCRC activate project to develop corrosion resistant steel fencing – IMCRC

Glowing orange and red wire in a warehouse.

Wire in production and storage at Infrabuild.

Bales of silver rust resistant fencing sitting in a warehouse.

CSIRO’s cold spray technology can be applied to increase the strength and resilience of a range of steel products.

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