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13 Jan 2016

Aspiring for best practice at Ginninderra

As we welcome in 2016, some of the Ginninderra project team have been enjoying a holiday break while others are working hard to scope the vision and potential for a liveable, sustainable and resilient urban development at Ginninderra.

A team of CSIRO researchers, and experts in their fields, gathered in Canberra late in 2015 to discuss the areas of research, technology and innovation that could be included in the Ginninderra venture.

“The workshop produced a lot of ideas and energy about specific science and innovation that we could integrate if the project gets the go ahead,” said science leader Mr Guy Barnett.

“We have some exciting research knowledge and technologies that can contribute to a best practice urban development and we are now working those ideas into a consolidated vision.”

We look forward to revealing these ideas and seeking your input as the project progresses. Stay tuned.

As the vision continues to emerge, the process of seeking reclassification of the Ginninderra Field Station to ‘Urban Area’ also continues.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are still following through the processes that govern land reclassification in the ACT.

In the meantime, we’re continuing environmental, heritage and other studies to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the site and needs of a future residential community.

While the outcome of the reclassification process may not be known until February or March, communication continues with a range of stakeholders and interest groups, according to CSIRO’s General Manager of Business and Infrastructure Services, Mark Wallis.

“There is a lot of excitement and momentum building in regard to the opportunities and benefits of a best practice urban development at Ginninderra,” Mr Wallis said.

“Many of the key stakeholders are very interested in what this could mean not only for ACT residents, the local economy and environment but for Australia’s benefit and our benchmarks for sustainable urban design.”

“We are aspiring to a design that embraces the ideas of the community and considers energy, water, emissions, wastes, economic activity, housing affordability, health and wellbeing and the environment.”



2 responses to “Aspiring for best practice at Ginninderra”

  1. Dave says:

    I think the words “if the project gets the go ahead” could be replaced with “when the project gets the go ahead”.
    Just how well it goes ahead & when are unknown. I really hope it’s done well but fear the local government will want development sooner rather than later, and reap substantial revenue to offset some of the extraordinary debt we carry.

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