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14 Nov 2017

Project update – November

The procurement process to select a development partner is still underway, with a decision expected and subsequent announcement to be made early 2018.

Throughout this process, our team continues to engage members of the local community, conservation groups, government and industry to build partnerships and drive innovation.

Since the beginning of Spring, our team has:

  • Fenced-off 3,500 shrubs planted in May to protect them from grazing
  • Sprayed around the shrubs to reduce the competition from annual weeds
  • Monitored the shrubs to determine a 95% survival rate since planting in May
  • Conducted surveys for Striped Legless Lizard, Little Eagle and other fauna and flora
  • Held workshops with our scientists to explore innovative infrastructure options.

CSIRO remains committed to open and collaborative community engagement. Once we have a development partner, we will provide community members and community groups with opportunities to provide input into the planning and design process. Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, we’ll be rolling out a number of informative blogs including FAQs from the most recent Gungahlin Community Council meeting, an update on ecological survey work, a staff profile featuring our Urban Placemaker, and progress on our native grassland fire trials.

This month we celebrate a 95% survival rate of the 3,500 native shrubs planted in May 2017, during our community planting day events, in the article ‘Ginninderra shrubs Spring to life’.

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2 responses to “Project update – November”

  1. Dave Bolton says:

    Still nothing from the local minister in reply to my query on planning for further increases in traffic through Dickson & into Civic. Nothing further from your end either on who else I may be able to contact.
    It’s disappointing that the topic seems tabu. I had hoped infrastructure could have been planned with the local authorities & addressed within the scope of the project, but it seems past experiences are being ignored (eg Gungahlin infrastructure).
    I think it’s irresponsible to progress with developments in this manner. Leaving the burden for others to endure & overcome in the future falls short of delivering something sustainable.

    • contentgroup says:

      Hi and thank you for your follow-up. CSIRO is aware of community concerns about the traffic issues around the Ginninderra site now, and how these could be affected by future development. We have been following up with the ACT Government on your behalf and have been advised that you can direct your enquiries to ACT Roads at To be clear, it is early days with the Ginninderra development and CSIRO is yet to appoint a development partner. Once this occurs detailed planning will commence, with CSIRO committed to ensuring the community will have opportunities to provide input.

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