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10 Aug 2017

Ginninderra Project Team – Staff spotlight on Joe Colbert (Sustainable business and infrastructure)

As CSIRO’s Acting Director of Business and Infrastructure Services, Joe Colbert is leading the planning and strategic development of CSIRO’s Ginninderra initiative.

With his diverse background in business and strategic planning, property management, procurement, health and environmental sustainability, Joe is ideally equipped to manage the project and the associated strategic planning and delivery.

Joe leads the project team that is establishing the framework, relationships and partnerships that will enable Ginninderra to become an exemplar of excellence in sustainable urban design.

“I have a passion for sustainability and urban and infrastructure design that will go beyond being low impact or carbon neutral to bring regeneration, renewal and net social, economic and environmental benefits,” said Joe.

“At Ginninderra we have a unique opportunity to draw on some of the world’s best talent, innovation and partnerships to deliver a showcase for sustainable development for the ACT and Australia, indeed the world.”

As a member of CSIRO’s Executive leadership team, Joe is working closely with Executive Science Lead for Ginninderra, Dr Anita Hill and the science team to help deliver this vision.

In this role, Joe brings to the table his experience and expertise in leading the management and sustainability of CSIRO’s portfolio of 59 properties under its Property Strategy. Joe and the Business and Infrastructure team, are a vital cog in enabling CSIRO as ‘Australia’s innovation catalyst’ through the provision of effective building, property, procurement, fleet management, security and sustainability services.

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