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28 Apr 2017

Planting together for a better future – May 21 and 28

Community members are invited to help revegetate precious Box Gum Grassy Woodlands at CSIRO Ginninderra at two upcoming planting days in May.

The planting days, organised with the support of the Ginninderra Catchment Group, are to be held on Sunday 21 May and Sunday 28 May from 10am-2pm.

“Yes there will be a free lunch and an introduction to woodland ecology, but more importantly there is a great opportunity to be part of efforts to restore and improve our vital woodland environment,” according to CSIRO ecologist Jacqui Stol.

“We have obtained more than 3000 native plants for the planting days, including seven different local native shrub species specially selected to provide habitat, protection from predation and foraging sites for vulnerable woodland birds such as the Scarlet Robin and White-winged Triller,”  says Jacqui.

“Our goal with these plantings is to start to restore the shrub layer in a patchy mosaic and through that boost the diversity of native plant and animal life and the overall quality of the woodlands, particularly for the woodland birds. These are the first of a series of proposed plantings and further actions designed to improve ecological function and resilience in the conservation areas. ”

High quality woodlands contribute to a healthy environment for living things – including people. However, across South-East Australia only around 10% of the area of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grassland remains, and of that only about 5% remains in good condition.

Existing woodlands and grasslands are now protected under both national and state legislation, to guard against further degradation. In the ACT, an estimated 25% of the original woodland remain and are in good condition.

The CSIRO Ginninderra property includes about 114 hectares of Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands (and Derived Native Grasslands) of varying quality, including areas where vegetation has been cleared in the past for farming. In early planning for a future sustainable urban development, CSIRO has identified a number of zones, covering over 200 ha, for mandatory conservation. The May 2017 plantings will occur in two of these conservation zones.

The planting days are part of our vision to see the community actively involved in the conservation, restoration and sustainability science at Ginninderra.  Through a similar partnership with the Ginninderra Catchment Group in 2016, many community members took part in the autumn burn grassland restoration and associated grassland plantings trials at CSIRO Ginninderra.

“These are great opportunities for citizen involvement in science and conservation – so we are extending the invitation to the general public including local residents, conservation volunteers and interested future residents.”

“Together we can help restore a threatened and protected ecological community and play a part in improving our collective future.”

CSIRO will accept up to 50 registrations for each planting day and provide a free light lunch with an opportunity to talk with experts about woodland ecology.

Register now at or by calling 1300 363 400.

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